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In-Home power chair, scooter and wheelchair repair is simple. We offer both Medicare and non-Medicare payment options. Just give us a call.

Many repair jobs to your power chair, wheelchair or scooter can actually be taken care of right in your home. As a matter of fact, we’ve found most repair jobs can be remedied with a replacement part and one of our skilled technicians will instal it for you. We are well aware of just how much you depend on your power chair, scooter and wheelchair, plus how difficult life becomes without it. The quicker we fix your mobility, the faster you can ride  . That’s why we offer in-home repair service.

For any in-home repair job, just call 877-419-4114 or send us an email. Be sure to include all the details and problems you are having with your scooter, power chair or wheelchair. Let us know if you are using Medicare, private insurance, or will be paying out-of-pocket for our services. We accept all major credit cards, and we do need to know ahead of time just how you will be paying.

Once you’ve contacted us we will ask you specific questions, so we know exactly what is not working on your power chair or scooter, and how best to fix the situation quickly.  If your repair requires one of our trained technicians to remedy, then an appointment will be made for you at that time.

If you prefer, you can contact us to request the needed replacement parts and install them on your own.  Your parts will be shipped directly to your home and will still arrive quickly, and then you can make the repair without a visit from one of our technicians.

Not every repair job is easy. When the repair needs extra skill, just call us for one of our technicians to take over. Again, the parts will be shipped directly to your home so to be ready and waiting for the technician when he arrives. They are all fully trained and background-checked.  Once they out at your home, they will be in charge. By having one of our techs look at your power chair, mobility or electric scooter chair, there may even be additional recommendations they can make to you for optimum mobility usage. They’ll be out to your home asap, and you’ll be back ridding your power chair or scooter in no time!

Swift Star Medical has the answer to your every power chair, scooter and wheelchair question. If for any reason you run into a problem with your power chair, the only name you need to remember is Star Medical. If the repair is a small one, you can contact us for replacement parts that are shipped directly to your home. In other cases, we are more than happy to come out for an in-home power chair, mobility or electric scooter chair repair. Our skilled technicians will provide you with excellent service with a smile. All you need do is contact us today.

We accept Medicare, private insurance, money orders, and all major credit cards. Medicare may pay for up to 80% of your scooter repair.  If you carry private secondary insurance, you may be covered for up to 100% of the repair. You can contact us directly or fill out our online form letting us know exactly what needs to be repaired and replaced. Once we have your information, we are well on the way to getting your power chair repaired.

Replacement Parts

Some replacement parts are easier to fix than others. A battery or armrest is easy to replace on your own; when you contact us we may be able to help you through the service center to make the necessary repair to your power chair or scooter. If the repair goes beyond what you are comfortable tackling, then one of Swift Star Medica's technicians will be on their way to help to get your chair back in perfect working order. They have the skills and expertise to know exactly what works. When you contact us, provide us with the replacement part or information we need, and we’ll order the part for you so it is delivered to your home quickly.

Remember, repair times vary and also depend on the availability of parts, your schedule, and getting a repair appointment scheduled.

Payment Information

Swift Star Medical only offers you quality replacement parts for all power chairs, scooters, and wheelchair. We always have replacement parts on hand for quick delivery. Pricing will vary, and depends upon how you are paying for your repair. Our support staff will answer all your questions about Medicare, private insurance or out-of-pocket expenses. All of these payment options are accepted.

Contact us today to find out how easy it is to get your power chair or scooter repaired quickly and easily.